What a comparison between the Tualatin and Athlon.

Did you notice what Tom said in his article. It is a 1.33 GHz Athlon running at 133MHz FSB and the PIII was running at a 166MHz FSB. This is a CLEAR disadvantage to the Athlon... and if it takes a FSB of 166MHz to beat a 133MHz FSB Athlon, then the winner is clear... IT'S THE ATHLON!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to look at the FSB on Tom's Tualatin, go here http://www.tomshardware.com/cpu/01q2/010612/tualatin-01.html

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  1. thats 266Mhz(133x2) for the tbird, the P3 with 166Mhz fsb has the disavantage.

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  2. Then you forget this. The P3 (6x86) core is from 1995. The core is alot older then the Athlon's core. Not a bad core i would say myself after all these years it can still match an Athlon.

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  3. Well, overclocking the PIIIs FSB from 133 to 166 does in fact give it some advantage. This is because the Athlons PCI and AGP cards still run at 33 mHz and 66 mHz, while the 166 mHz FSB PIIIs PCI and AGP slots are running at a considerable deal higher, probably in the realm of 40-something mHz for the PCI and 80-something for the AGP. The Tualatin at 1.4 gHz and a 133 mHz FSB won't perform as well as what Tom's benchmarks show. But, nonetheless it does perform really well, but let's wait and see the official scores at 1.4 gHz before jumping to conclusions. :P

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  4. Athlon@Cas2, Tolutin@Cas3, who did you say had the advantage?

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  5. I was impressed with the Tualatin benchmarks, and find it to be a much better performer than the P4. But all u intel folks slow your role! The p3 was overclocked and at it's stock settings it get beaten by the athlon. Athlon still holds the performance Title, no doubts about it! The athlon stll has the stronger FPU and scales much higher. And I'm talking about the Thunderbird! Tualatin has nothing on Athlon4! But as I stated I am impressed with Tualatin, about time we saw something else besides the overhyped POS pentium 4. GG RAMBUS!
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