Lience key for sound driver for windows 7 utility

Lience key for sound driver for windows 7 utility
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  1. Drivers don't need license keys.
  2. this one always works.

  3. right you are using ransom ware like driver detective, forget them do this instead
    1 go to pirate bay and download dprsu 12 its the most seeded windows app on there its also freeware so you aint stealing
    2 run app, it will find and match your drivers from its pack offline with out any further downloads
    3 burn it to disc and keep for next time/next pc
    no one ever offers actual help to these requests and it pisses me off if we aint here to help then why are we? this is supposed to be a comunity ffs
  4. You don't even have to do that... Type the name of the company that makes your computer into Google, go to the site, click support, and follow the menu to get your driver.
  5. +1 for J_E_D_70

    The best drivers you can get are the latest one from the manufacturer.
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