Full White netbook/laptop needed

I am in the market for a laptop or netbook that is completely white (keyboard, screen borders, etc)

The 1005ha has a white netbook, but the borders are black. What's odd, is that the pink version has white borders on the screen...

Anyways, I want a full white netbook or laptop.

As stated before, the 1005ha suited my needs almost perfectly - even maxing out the CPU never seemed to hinder performance.

I would mainly be using:

microsoft streets and trips 2010 (with GPS dongle)
inSSIDer (with GPS dongle)

Peerblock seems to be the only thing that would require an intensive CPU. It just now only doesn't lag the system while perm allowing ip's since I acquired a quad core CPU.

I have in mind the sony vaio VPCEA46FM/W in mind.

I would also be very interested in a touch screen tablet or hybrid laptop/netbook.
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  1. Not much showing up besides that mostly white Sonys.
    15" EB in white VPCEB4AFX/WI
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