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hey guys, i am looking for a good gaming computer that has a lot of memory, good graphics card, and is in there area of 0-1500 dollars, i have a credit with dell so they are preferable(i know about alien-ware, but believe that they are over-priced, if there is a good deal someone knows about please elaborate), i welcome all suggestions( I use ubuntu linux as my operating system, if that helps)
thank you
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  1. Hello a10killer;

    What games are you running under Ubuntu? Or do you have a dual boot Win/Ubuntu system?
  2. Look over the SAGER NP8150 Gaming Laptop $1,269.73 w/o OS
    Sandy Bridge Core i7 2630QM CPU / 15.6" 1920x1080 LCD w/ GTX 460M video card. Some options can be configured on the website.

    See more options @
  3. i am looking for a computer that lasts a long time, these look great, thanks
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