Canon canoscan n670u driver for Windows 7

I can't find drivers for Windows 7, 64 bit at all.
If you have any link, please help - send to
Thanks previosly!
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  2. Tengo el mismo problema que el compañero. Resulta que tengo un scaner, CanoScan N670U de Canon y hasta ahora le he provado con varios sis. operativos de Win..98SE, XP y VISTA, pero he comprado un ordenador Win...7 y no soy capaz de instalarlo, es más estoy convencido de que no se podrá instalar. Si alguien sabe el como? Aquí estamos.
  3. Same Problem.

    Can anyone find a solution :)
  4. ex_bubblehead said:

    Same issue here. The link that you posted does show that it should be included with Windows 7. However, it is not. I just get a "No driver found" error message. I tried my old XP drivers, but to no avail - neither the TWAIN nor WIA drivers work from their website.
  5. No, that link is telling you that there is no Windows 7 driver (or 8, or that matter). The most current drivers are for Vista. If those won't work then it's new scanner time.
  6. I found the strangest reason why it did not work. Previously my 32-bit windows was working with CanoScan N670U. One day the USB connection cable was gone [vanished from the 2-kid house], and the scanner failed to work when I pulled out a similar cable. If I click on the Canon icon in windows devices, it warned WIA driver was needed. Despite overwhelming evidence, I tried to download drivers after drivers (Vista, XP, you name it) from Canon and it did not work. As a final attempt, I switched to my printer cable and viola! It worked. I used the nonfunctional cable on my printer and it worked fine on the printer. As an engineer, I swap the cable back and reproduced the problem with bad cable. Good cable, again, everything is good. I also suspected the current draw from the USB port. No, not the root cause--I used both cable on the same USB port, one cable worked and the other did not.

    So quit playing with the driver and just change USB curious know if you guys can solve this problem similarly. 15 year old printer shall keep going. :-)
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