Monitor size for new (budget?) build?

Hey all,

I'm going to purchase the parts for my new rig (budget?) in a couple days and was wondering what a good monitor size would be.

PC specs:

FX-6300 @ 3.51 ghz
Gigabyte hd 7870 ghz edition
G.skill sniper series 1866 8gb ram (2x4gb)
Asus m5a99x evo am3+ mobo
WD 1tb blue 7200rpm hdd
Corsair tx650w psu bronze
haf 912
212+ with 2x scythe gentle typhoon in push/pull

So what monitor size would work the best for my build? 1080p, 1680x1050? 1440x900? I'm looking for the best price/performance ratio here (looking for a steady 60fps on most games: bf3, skyrim, planetside 2, etc) and smaller resolutions appeal to me for this.

Also, feel free to inform me if I have any bottlenecks with my cpu and gpu. I'm really hoping to run at stock though, but overclocking won't bother me. I went with amd in the end for the price/perfomance over the sandy/ivy i3 processor.

And another question: to what extent is the amd fx-6300 bottlenecked? I mean, is my card the limit?

Thanks for your time.
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