Please help with laptop drivers!! Impossible to find!?

I have an Acer aspire 5532 with windows7, I cannot live wth windows7 & have bought a Windows XP disk to replace the O/S. Unfortunately, when I try to install XP it finally complains that it cannot install as it cannot locate the hard drive.
I have searched the internet for XP drivers for my laptop but can only find Vista or Windows7 drivers.
Can anybody help me with this problem.
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  1. Hello sarah-mojacar;

    What version of Windows XP and Service Pack do you have?
    Maybe not the latest service pack?

    Drivers are software written by the hardware manufacturer to allow the hardware to work with different versions of the operating system.

    If the manufacturer did not go to the trouble of writing drivers for older OS there is almost no chance you'll find them.

    Use extreme caution looking at websites that offer drives that don't seem to be available on the laptop manufacturer's website. They may scam you to pay for drivers that might not work or load your system up with Malware/Virus/Trojan progams.
  2. Try to add hard disk SATA drive in Windows installation using nLite.

    let me know if your hard disk drive is SATA or SSD. Is your Windows XP SP3? or Sp2?
  3. Why on Earth would you want Windows XP if you already have Windows 7????

    XP is a virus and malware magnet.
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