help choosing a new computer set up

this will be my first system i've built but i'm getting a friend to help that does it alot

<font color=red> Motherboard </font color=red>
i'm planing on going with a ddr mother board so i gusses that say amd chipset bu need to know which one of the mother boards out there in the best with the amd chipset

<font color=red> Case </font color=red>
I have no idea which case to get so some help would be very aprrecated her. I'm also think of water cooling to keep the system quite becuase it is going in a dorm room

<font color=red> CD Burnner </font color=red>
I'm thinking of the tdk or plextor which one do you thhink is better

<font color=red> DVD </font color=red>
I have no idea which is the best one out there

<font color=red> Key Board and Mouse </font color=red>
i'm thinking both cordless need recomedationds on the keybaord
the mouse is going to be the cordless optical variety.

<font color=red> Video Card </font color=red>
I want to be able to play a good game every now and then so it ha to be decent. also i would like a cable in line on a seperate card

<font color=red> Sound Card </font color=red>
OK that big of a deal to me because i can't have any thing really loud any ways since it is in a dorm room

<font color=red> Monitor </font color=red>
which on of these or other one not listed do you think is the best. i want a turely falt screen
NEC FE950.

<font color=red> Hard Drive </font color=red>
about all i know is that pretty much everybody says ibm are the best
i'm think at least 40 gig
what do you guys think

i'm going with curcial ram because i have got ram form them before
also i plan on getting a proccser at the end of july to save me some money on it

I'm Majoring in computer scince if that make a diffrence to any specs that come for this post

i have 2600 US dollars for it so what do you guys think i can get
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  1. maybe you'll better take the sis 735 like it is tested before and faster then an 760 of amd. probably from msi but that chip hasn't reashed the shops yet i think

    take a case with a suplly of 400W and enough space to expand

    plextor has proven himself wearthy enough of the other one i haven't seen testes

    dvd just take one

    i would take the cordless pakket of logitech

    if you buy it now an geforce 3 or within a mond and the radeon II is out take the radeon2

    soundcard doesn't do the work of the speakers but they deliver the signal and with a good one it is good with a bad you will here kracks on the background so take a sounblaster live player or something like that

    monitor i don't know

    maxtor rules so get a maxtor 40,9Gb 7200 rpm udma 100 with cable for that

  2. thanks for the suggestion but i need like what board and stuff like that

    plus i want to start getting stuff for this system soon so that i can get it togther and work all the bugs out if any
  3. $2600? If you're building it yourself, no worries. You'll be able to get about whatever you want.

    Motherboard: Asus A7M266. Great board, around $160 (Athlon, DDR)

    Case: <A HREF="" target="_new">Koolance</A> has some nice prebuilt water-cooling systems.

    CD-Burner: Plextor, definitely (expensive but worth it)

    DVD: Umm..I have an Afreey 12x, works great. There's some others out there, but you can get the Afreey for around $50.

    Keyboard and mouse: Logitech iTouch cordless keyboard and Logitech ? optical cordless mouse. I have both, they're great. You'll have to get two different receivers if you go for the optical wireless (only one out, I believe), but that's no big deal

    Video card: Well, I'm an nVidia guy, but if you want the TV in, go for the ATI All-In-Wonder. It's the most versatile.

    Sound Card: I'm assuming you meant that it ISN'T a big deal, so get a cheap SB PCI 512 or something similar. SoundBlaster Live! Value would be good, too.

    Monitor: Go for Viewsonic. They're quite nice.

    Hard drive: The IBM GXP 75 is really good, and the Maxtor DiamondMaxPlus is nice too, and a bit cheaper.

    Hope that helped.

    Apple? Macintosh? What are these strange words you speak?
  4. thanx alot yeh i was leaning toward viewsonic basically becuase it is the only one i can actual go to the stor and see in the area i'm in and they looked pertty good when i went and look at them
  5. dose anybody know any other premade water coolers out there i went to that koolance but it was 4 to 6 week just to get the case

    other recnmodationsare welcome
  6. guys would like to know what you think the best system for this money would be
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