Razer Carcharias (headset) Microphone Static

Hey guys, I own a Razer Carcharias, and it puts out a good deal of static from the microphone. If I turn "Noise Suppression" on in the settings, it helps a lot, but my voice becomes kind of altered by the effect.
Here is an example of what the two sound like side-by-side:

I'm not sure if there is a legitimate way to fix this issue; maybe it's just the way the Carcharias is and it has static no matter what, but I'm hoping to find some insight here.
(I have searched this topic on Google and this site pretty thoroughly and not found a solution yet. I have tried the turn-the-mic-down suggestion, but the static is there, just much quieter (along with my voice)).

Thanks guys!
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  1. Maybe we should close this. I think my only option is to put on Noise Suppression, even though it alters my voice a little bit. Oh well haha (so, dear Moderators... close this thread... maybe even destroy it from the world entirely (which was supposed to end today but oh, hello, I do still see you x] ))
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