M11x Hinge Problem Fixed?

Hello Everybody,
I keep reading, and (You-Tubing) about the hinge problems concerning Alienware's M11x. I've contacted Dell Tech Support and they have told me the hinge problem has been solved. Can anybody give some feed back with this issue?
Thanks for your help
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  1. I believe that they corrected the issue in regard to new laptops, i.e. one's they are shipping out of the factory. If you have one that has a busted hinge, get in touch with Dell and they should send you out a new hinge or you can send it in to get it replaced for free.

  2. this sounds good, I wonder how I can tell if mine has the old, or the modified hinge? Just got it.
  3. You can give Dell a call or e-mail them, give them the serial on it, and they should be able to tell you.

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