Will this be sufficent for a gaming platform..

I just purchased a new Motherboard/CPU/Memory bundle yesterday and was wondering if this is a good gaming setup.

Note: Only thing missing that i have to buy yet is the video card..

MSI K7T Turbo-R MS-6330 Mother board
Athlon K7 1.4Ghz T-Bird with a 266Mhz FSB
256 meg PC133 SDram

Only thing left to buy will be the Vid card which wil be a GEForce 64meg card, what one i dont know yet.

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  1. That's more than enough. =)

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  2. Wanna know one nice thing though was that setup was only $380, its amazing how cheap this stuff is now.

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  3. Sounds like an excellent gaming setup to me. I'd advise getting at least a GF2 Ultra. If that's out of your price range, I'd advise dropping the CPU down to 1GHz, to free up some of your budget for the video card. Your video card will make much more difference than your CPU speed.

    Plus, 1GHz T-birds with AXIA and AYHJA steppings seem to be 1.4GHz T-birds in disguise. :wink:


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  4. Whoops, I just noticed you already bought the CPU. Oh well--have fun!


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  5. How bout a GeForce2 GTS?

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  6. Yeah, for gaming the video card is the main consideration these days. A GeForce2 Ultra is a good route to go.

    Or, if it's a system that isn't likely to be updated in a long time, spending the extra for a GeForce3 would be a good investment because it has features that have yet to be included in other video cards and they're bound to be used in future games constantly.

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  7. Exactly, I'd do the same. If you can't afford the GeForce3 or the GeForce2 Ultra, the GeForce2 GTS Pro is the way to go. The Hercules Prophet II GTS Pro even includes both SVHS and composite TV out !!

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  8. That rig will suck for gaming, lucky if its stable.
    Might wanna reconsider that motherboard and processor.

    Better off waiting till crush or new VIA are available.
  9. How do you know this rig will suck? Or are you talking out your ass again?

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  10. You know, we're still waiting for a certain list...


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  11. There is no list he's an intel Butt Monkey!
  12. Sorry, posts like these anoy me. People just want to show off wht they are buying. "Hey guys, I was wondering if my ram is good enough, here is my specs" and then they show you all top of the line stuff.. BAH! I need to goto bed...

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  13. dont get pc133 ram.
    get kingmax pc150.
    150 @ cas 2.
    nuff said

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  14. Fugger your shots are cheaper than your mom.

    as for the vid card, I just picked up an elsa gladiac920 GEFORCE 3 FOR 369 bucks, free shipping too , AWESOME!

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  15. I agree with bigpete591.
    What difference will it make especially when the parts have already been bought???

    Oh yeah, bigpete, I like your <i>fine</i> ass!! :tongue:

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  16. Why do you ask if you've already made up your mind? A little confirmation? :) What if everybody had said your rig sucked?


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  17. *sighs* just ignore frugger
    can u see he gets his rocks off when people disagree with him?
    makes him feel important.

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