Running Windows 7 32 bit, can't read my old xp drive, error not access

Upgraded from win xp to win pro 7 32 bit. have two hitachi drives that i mirror using casper xp. Saved my old config with xp on drive H. Now, in windows 7, i can see drive H, but get error not accessible. any ideas?
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  1. Did you take ownership of the files? The old NTFS permissions will deny access to the new system.
  2. confused on how to do that? do i have to add a group as "everyone" ??
  3. that link is for vista, is there one for win 7? very confusing! even for a unix guru :)
  4. NTFS is NTFS. The procedure is the same for both.
  5. AHCI settings maybe? Maybe the old drive is setup up as ATA?
  6. Fixed!! Ran ckdsk on startup, it corrected some filesystem errors, can now read drive, thanks!
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