need an advice for a new machine

hi all the experts out there.
I plan to build a new AMD box soon. I'm thinking to put together followings.

Athlon T-bird 1.33 GHz or 1.4 GHz(probably 1.33 cause it's much cheaper)

iwill kk266

Visiontek Geforce 3

soundblaster live(not sure which one)

2 x Sdram 256

these are what i have in my mind for now. This is my first time building a pc and I gotta admit I'm a little afraid of screwing up while building it. Anyhow, I need advice from you guys(such as if i better wait for New CPU coming along or if there is any conflict between components i chose)
You can give me a better combination of components also. My lists are mostly based on what i have read here in Toms and some other websites.

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  1. What do you do with your PC? Gaming? CAD?

    Anandtech just did a <A HREF="" target="_new">Motherboard Roundup</A> that you might want to read.

    I have a combination of an Asus A7V133 and an SB Live! Value. I haven't had any problems with stability or quality. I use an ATI Radeon 32MB SDRAM because I'm not much of a gamer. Where are you getting your RAM from?

    I can't tell you which is better, because I haven't tested different kinds of motherboards and stuff. What I do know is that my motherboard hasn't crashed on me yet. No overclocking, just everything set up in order, stuff like that. The speed is excellent too (maybe cuz I'm coming from an PII 300@233 for some odd reason).

    I, too, just built this machine. Didn't know much, a newbie, if you will... But, I read Tom's DIY PC under $1000. Changed a couple of parts to my liking (mainly due to expenses), and I went for it.

    What HD were you gonna use?

    <b>My System Specs:</b>
    Asus A7V133
    Athlon T-Bird 850 (B)
    256MB SDRAM PC133 CAS2 (
    ATI Radeon 32MB SDRAM
    Sound Blaster Live! Value
    3Com NIC (3C905B-TX)
    IBM 75GXP Deskstar 30GB ATA100 7200RPM
    Swiftech MC370-0A, because I was trying to get to 1GHz...

    Running Win2K with Service Pack 2, VIA 4-in-1 drivers v4.31, etc. I'm stable. No crashes, I'm satisfied. :smile:
  2. Thats looks good to me. That rig should last you at least 2 years.

    With an ass like mine, who needs pants?
  3. looks good...
    couple of things
    if your getting 2 x 256 MB SDram, i strongly reccommed
    Kingmax PC150.
    it should be able to get u up to 150Mhz at a full CAS 2 :)
    (i got mine up to 160 at CAS 2!!!, but one or more pci devices croaked at the corresponding pci bus speed of 40mhz. shame)

    also the asus a7v133 is a goodie... at least on par with the iwill. ive had no problems... rock solid stability, and this is even before i installed the 4 in 1 Via drivers and a bios update. overclocking is a breeze too.

    just please... make SURE u get a decent heatsink and dont get MONKEYS to install it like i apparently did.

    also a 60gxp drive will fit nicely too

    word of advice... if your not 100% sure you can do something correctly, dont do it. a good way of avioding costly mistakes.

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  4. My question to you is are you ripping apart one computer to make this one? basically just replacing the mother board,cpu and memory? If so i have a great website for you to goto to order those as a bundle package. Cheapest on the net that I could find, and i searched alot :)

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