Nethack IRC chat?

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I find myself having really simple questions (such as the recent one "Black
glow and malignant aura") that interrupt my gameplaying for answers as I
await an answer. There's already an IRC channel I hang out on for my World
of Warcraft server; I was wondering if there is a IRC
server or channel? Would be very useful. Or, if you could simply telnet
into and in addition to playing or watching a game you
could go into a text chatroom. I'm sure there's software out there for
that (ychat for one).

~ Cyde Weys ~

Mana du vortes, mana du vortes
Aeria gloris, aeria gloris
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    Cyde Weys <> wrote in

    > I was wondering if there is a IRC server or channel?

    The #nethack channel is located on the freenode irc network. That
    information is listed on webpage under the section
    wisely labeled IRC. Who would have guessed?

    Rodney (the bot) is also there to kindly announce deaths for all the channel
    to see (and asencsions too!) that take place on the nethack server.

    Go team ant!

    -- sawtooth
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