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Intel to delay debut of Almador

Intel Corp. has delayed the launch of its next-generation Almador chipset. Instead, they will upgrade the 815e to support its upcoming Tualatin 1.3-GHz Pentium III processor.

Intel felt a direct Rambus DRAM graphics port on Almador might not be ready in time for the Tualatin launch in mid- 2001. The Pentium III Tualatin will debut using the 815e and its existing AGP4X port. The chip manufacturer will also tweak the 815e by adding the 1.5-volt termination voltage and differential clock features that would have been seen in the Almador.

If the upgraded 815e chipset can fully support Tualatin, third-party chipset vendors will be able to modify their Pentium III units to support the new Tualatin. They will also have to adapt existing chipsets to support the 1.5-V termination voltage and differential clock but this isn t considered a major difficulty.

Almador was expected to have both single-data-rate and DDR capability to support Tualatin, and that device s delay also puts the future of an Intel DDR chipset for Tualatin in question.

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  1. You read it here:

    Quite useful post.. That article is only 7 months old. Note the dat stamp: 11/17/00, 07:52:56 PM EST

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