Using HP Laserjet All-In-One 2840 as a network and usb printer at same time

I am wondering if it is possible to use an HP Laserjet 2840 as a network printer and a usb printer at the same time? The reason I ask is this: The HP Director software that allows scanning and faxing from the computer if it is used as a network printer only works on pre-Windows Vista operating systems like XP. For Windows versions after XP the only way to use the scanning function is to install the 32-bit driver installed in Vista compatibility mode, and then use Windows Scan and Fax utility. So to scan into my 64 bit Windows 7 computers I need to take the laptop to the printer and use the usb cable and I can use the Windows Scan utility to do my scanning. But for regular printing the printer is hooked up through ethernet cable to my network so that all the computers can print from their normal locations. So, I need to keep the network hook up but use the usb connection from time to time to scan into a Windows 7 or 8 computer. Right now, I have to keep my old XP machine, which I want to retire, on hand and scan into it and transfer the files to wherever I want them. I can't be assured that the XP machine will be there forever, so I want scanning ability from Windows 7.
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  1. A wireless printer should be able to handle two methods of connection simultaneously (ie wired and wireless). My son's PC is right next to his wireless printer so he prints to it via USB cable, while his wife & children print to it wirelessly from their laptops.

    In just the same way that a wireless router can provide wired and wireless connections at the same time, the principal is the same with a wireless printer.
  2. Its not wireless. It is a wired ethernet connection and a wired usb connection.
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