600EB P3 on Fic KA11... why only 100 mhz?

I have a FIC KA-11 PCB 2.2 Mainboard and a P3 600 Mhz "EB" processor with a "133 Mhz" FSB. Why is the clock in the bios and on reports only 100 Mhz? I thought it was a 133 Mhz FSB with a "4.5x" multiplier not a 100 Mhz FSB with a "6x" multiplier. Help me out and tell me how I can make it use my 133Mhz system bus to its full potential with PC133 memory and all.

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  1. I don't know jack about that motherboard, but use CPUClock or WCPUID to verify, is it running at 450 or 600mhz?
    that will also tell you the fsb.
    what chipset is that motherboard?

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  2. 600E is better

    you can overclock cia fsb
  3. I don't know anything aobut that board. But on some boards you have to enable 133MHz FSB via a jumper. YOu may also be able to do it in BIOS. Are you sure you have an "EB"?

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