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While looking for a new wallpaper I came across this screenshot.

What is this? It looks very helpful, displaying time, weather, cpu usage.

Where would I find something similar??

Thanks guys

PS. Thanks again to the community, my new rig is awesome, minus the front audio jacks not working...
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  1. Couldn't see the picture you linked to.

    Windows 7 has "gadgets" built in to it that show the sort of thing you're looking for. To see them, click "Start", type "gadgets" into the search box, and click on the "Desktop Gadgets" link. To use a gadget just drag it from the Gadgets window onto your desktop.
  2. You might want to check the connectors are solid on your motherboard then, should be a few wires going to a small black block with "HD Audio" written on the side.

    Can download a load of gadgets here:

    Some very useful ones such as network activity, memory/cpu usage, hdd activity and the like, as well as some thoroughly pointless ones.
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