Problem with msi gx620

Hey everyone

recently i tripped on my laptop cord, and it hit the ground x_X. after booting it, running a few software fixes (i thought id crashed the computer when it hit the ground and maybe some software problem came up). the computer seemed to boot fine, but when i started doing things (openning files, attempting to run programs, even openning the start menu) it would freeze solid, and id have to hard restart it get it going again.

i was able to get all my files off, and i ran a system restore which return everything to the factory default. everything seemed fine for a bit, but when i tried openning changing a view from small to large icons, it frooze the same way. i openned up the back, made sure the RAM hadn't popped out, and nothing had changed. i checked the device manager, and nothing was showing up.

anyone have any advice? diagnostics tools i can run? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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  1. shameless bump cause i am very much in need of help
  2. hmmmm interesting it would seem to me if it freezes might be possibly the hdd? you have an external that you can replicate or clone the hdd and use that to see if you get the same issue?
  3. What would be good software for doing that?
  4. hmm well theres not much you can diagnose since it was dropped but worth a shot. either way backup any important files. i would try chkdsk since its free. western digital or seagate has a software on their site i dont know which hdd you have. try that. memtest 86+ is free which checks ram, but seems to me thats its hard drive. try to look in post before bios or disable quick boot to see if it passes smart.
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