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Suggestion for Computer-less Flatbed Scanner

December 24, 2012 3:53:55 AM

Hoping for some help here. I'm looking for a flatbed scanner (the more portable the better) that will scan to memory cards (SD, CF, USB thumb drives). I do a lot of genealogy research and have a FlipPal portable scanner which is great for small photos but not practical for larger photos/documents (I wish they made a 8.5x11 FlipPal). I also have a PanDigital PANSCN06 portable scanner that is good for scanning some documents but is often frustrating because it misfeeds, misaligns, etc. Also it's a little worrysome trying to scan old newspaper clippings or delicate photos and hoping they don't get ruined during the feeding process.

I used to have an HP All in One (5380 I think) that was great...flatbed, computer-less scan to SD cards, thumbnail preview, but was quite bulky and I (regrettably) donated it a year or two ago.

I've read reviews, and can't find what I'm looking for and hoping you might have some recommendations for me to checkout based on your experience.

computer-less (to SD, CF, USB drives)
300 - 600 dpi color scans
as lightweight as possible
preferably with preview window but not necessary

Thanks in advance for your help!