Going to Purchase a Notebook (First Time)

Hi i need some advice.
I'm going to be buying a new laptop for myself very very soon.

My budget is around $600.00

I will be using the laptop mainly at home. But portability would be nice if i decide to use it at school when i go back this summer.

I will be watching movies on it and surfing the web, using ITUNES. Downloading music. Burning dvds and cds etc. I'm not really into gaming. But i would like to play the Sims and some W.O.W.

I want something that is going to give me GREAT SOUND.

Anyways , i'm pretty much upgrading from a DELL DIMENSION 3000! WITH A PENTIUM 2.8 GHZ 512MB OF RAM! I'm pretty sure anything I get will be a lot faster than this old machine.

After doing some research i'm stuck on the INTEL CORE I3 & I5 Processors.

I am wondering if these laptops are any good at all for the price? That i have narrowed down with my own research.

Gateway NV59C33u core I3 350M $579.00


Gateway NV55C core I5 -480m $579.00


ASUS A52F-XE5 Laptop - Intel Core i3-380M $579.00


Gateway NV79C54u $549.00 today local at COMPUSA by my house.


Please let me know what you guys think are the best of these laptops? If they are the best bang for my buck. Or if you guys have any suggestions of your own! I appreciate it !
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  1. First I would absolutely stay away from Gateway. They do not have a good history with the tech community. But I would go with something a bit more powerful for the price, goo.gl/2tIfA. It's only 449.00 and you can upgrade the ram for a bit more solid build.
  2. goo.gl/2tIfA. >???? what is that???
  3. Ok. so Processor is the most important as it's not upgradeable, so keep that in mind. you can get a 2gig of ram now and upgrade to 4gig later.

    at the top of the Laptop forum is a Start here guide that has a list of about 20 questions for you to post the answers to so we can better help you.

    Do you plan to do gaming?
    What size screen do you want?
    Do you plan to watch a lot of movies?
    How much had drive space will you need?

    ect.. ect..
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