Dell inspiron 1545 bios adminitrator password removal

approx. 2yrs ago my husband purchased laptop for me frm one of his co-workers. then his sister(or someone in her household) got on the laptop and got into my bios setup and set a administator psswd and adm. psswd hint also and now i can't unlock mybios setup so i can enable my wireless lan. i tried to get the password tht was set frm his sister, no one wants 2 admit doing it. dell won't help me without proof of the original owner's ownership.don't have tht info anymore & can't remember. helppp...please. service tag:41b49h1 & express service code:8786270197
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  1. They sell cds on ebay to help with problems like these.
  2. Hello bumpertk;

    You're going to have to work back through the original owner and do transfer of ownership with Dell.
    Then Dell will help you. It's a security feature meant to prevent identity and data theft.

    Ownership Transfer
  3. Try giving it back to your husband's sister and explain to her that you don't care who in her family put the admin password on the laptop, just have that person remove it. Tell her you are not looking to lay blame on anyone and you won't even ask her who did it.

    Otherwise, do as WR2 has stated. Have your husband speak to his friend so that he can call Dell and transfer ownership to you.
  4. You can reset the admin windows password , then the other things will be easy to solve.
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