Spyware on Dell inspiron

My daughter's laptop has become infected by what looks like spyware, a programme called'hard drive' which, at first sight, looks like a legitimate Microsoft product but which goes around in a kind of loop and is preventing the system from functioning. It also comes up with a message that implies that you are being asked to purchase a program which will solve your alleged hard drive program.

I have tried to reboot the system using a Cd but it doesn't get rid of the virus and now it won't even reboot as it stops working when you get to the bit where you have to agree to terms and conditions and only carries on if you press the esc button for disagreeing.

Can anyone help with this problem? Thanks
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  1. Hello evolution53;

    AVG Rescue CD will let you create a bootable CD with an AVG malware scanner.
  2. Also,

    I've always had good luck booting into safe mode (F8 key during boot) and running programs like antivirus or antispyware (superantispyware and malwarebytes are good).
  3. Do you have an antivirus program on the laptop? Free ones are AVG, Avira to name a couple.

    Go to malwarebytes dot org and download their app onto a usb stick - surely you have one of those...you will likely need to do that on another pc, but give it a shot on the infected one. Many virus programs block access to AVsites.
  4. The superantispyware portable application is great...since many viruses block AV/spyware scanners, it has a random name (it generates it) and runs a script through the command line...never had an issue getting it to run.

    I'd second AVG and also Microsoft's Security Essentials...great for so far.
  5. Geek Squad can remove it for you.
  6. spidy...you crack me up
  7. Thanks to everyone who replied. In the end a friend showed me how to do a clean restore and that has got rid of the problem and I have learned something both from him and all your knowledeable replies. Thanks.
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