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My acer laptop a0531h is running at 70 degrees celcius. is this too hot?
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  1. are we talking about cpu, gpu? is this under full load or straight when you turn it on?
  2. Hi All,
    The Acer's suffer ( like all Laptops) from build up in front of the exhaust fan, they may not look like they are real dirty, but remove the heat transfer unit and you will more than likely find massive build-up in front of the exhaust fins. Since you are removing this unit to clean it, a great idea is also to clean and re-apply the thermal paste while you are there, have done this with a number of Acers ( 5315 etc) and they have a new lease on life( although this applies to all laptops :)

    The Fan itself only needs to be removed to access the thermal fins, that is, if you don't want to re-apply the thermal paste
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