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AMD average temp?

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June 18, 2001 12:56:05 PM

Just a quick question... I went ahead and upgraded my machine this weekend, but was wondering how hot a non-overclocked AMD 1.2ghz (133/266) should be running? If I remember correctly, it starts at about 50C/100F at boot-up and gets to about 55C/120F after running for a while, but I'm at work so I could be off by a few numbers. But does that sound normal? I have 3 fans & 2 blowers in the case and a generic heatsink/fan combo on the cpu.


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June 18, 2001 2:00:05 PM

I'm kind of in the same boat. I just installed my 1.4GHz (Retail) and it starts at 54 and I have seen it as high as 59 in a warm room under full load. I don't have it overclocked as well and I am curious to see how other people respond.
June 18, 2001 3:00:54 PM

That's about normal for AMD. It wont melt on you. I've seen mine jump as high as 70 before. If you want to get it lower buy a better Heatsink/Fan combo. The retail heatsink/fan combo does the job, but not well.

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June 18, 2001 3:47:23 PM

Hmm, I have an 800 MHZ Tbird ( socket A ) and it's OCed to 1GHZ. I have one large fan blowing across my cards and mobo, another one in the power supply, another one on the CPU blowing through the heatsink, and yet another one mounted on the side of the case sucking straight in directed right over the CPU / FSB / RAM.

At 1GHZ my system runs at a stable 23C / 74FH

I've sometimes seen it go to 35C but nothing higher than that...

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June 18, 2001 3:51:05 PM

55 is fine...

id say if u pass 60-65 then make sure the heatsink is on properly etc.

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June 18, 2001 6:17:39 PM

what are you using to take your temp readings?

is this reality... i thought it would more realistic.
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June 18, 2001 6:22:11 PM

Whatever came with the KT7A board, I think it's called the VIA Hardware Monitor, or something. I can check when I'm back home later tonight.

June 19, 2001 4:43:37 AM

The Utility (PC Alert III System Monitor) is on the MSI CD, but you need to find is not on the initial screen you are presented with.

I am running around 140F (60C) with the retail (AMD) fan on a hot day. 1200, no overclocking. Seems too hot for me.
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June 19, 2001 10:13:34 AM

My 1200 runs at 39 idle 45 Full load, with only 1 case fan. 60 does seem a bit high.


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June 21, 2001 6:03:18 AM

If you want to lower your cpu temp without much fuss, you can just go into your bios and lower the core voltage. Lower it as much as you can while still keeping the system stable. Right now i have a 1GHz athlon running at 1.62v (stock is 1.75v). I haven't tried tired to go any lower.....

Anyways, YEah, and one other tip. MSI k7T turbo boards seem to have the default voltage screwed up on their boards. They run about .1v higher than the setting. This can add a few degrees to your cpu temp, so lower it!

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June 21, 2001 12:42:02 PM

Oooo that's something I haven't tried yet. When I get home from work tonight I'll poke around in the voltage setting and see what it's at, do you think 1.62v would work for a Tbird 1.2ghz (266)? You don't happen to know of a site that would list what the voltage *should* be, in case it is set to high now?

Last night I took off the HSF and scraped the thermal compound into the bottom of the heatsink, and noticed these numbers after reinstalling it all: the CPU temp (generally) starts around 27/C and works it's way up to about 50/C now (instead of 56/C) while I'm using the machine, and the system temp is somewhere around 32/C, I think.

Apart from getting a new HSF (which I'm looking into) or lowering the voltage, I'm not sure what else I can do... lots of people have been saying that their temps are in the 30's/C, so I'm a little worried but as long as it doesn't spike above 60/C I guess it's not that big a deal.

June 21, 2001 1:41:47 PM

don't panic - those of us with t-birds in the 30s are spending a lot of time and cash on alternatives or enhanced cooling (big copper blocks, noisy fans, water cooling or more).

If you can get around 50 - sleep well, that is perfectly fine.

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June 21, 2001 2:01:14 PM


Speaking of voltage, I use SiSoft Sandra's reports. It states that my voltage is at 1.86 !!!
I think that in Bios it's set to AUTO...

I have ASUS A7V133 1005a bios I have a 1.2 Tbird @ 1.33 and the max temperature was 58 C I think.

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June 21, 2001 3:21:49 PM

Voltages are a bit screwy - they seemd to have got better under 1005 bios though. My default 1.33 setting takes me to 1.76, although MBM reports fluctuations from 1.71 to 1.79!

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June 21, 2001 3:29:04 PM

More LOL,

I have my voltage setting in my bios set to 1.675v which gives me an indicated voltage of 1.75v by bios and VIA HWM. T-Bird 1.2gh @ 1.4gh and running great.

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June 21, 2001 3:57:51 PM

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June 21, 2001 3:58:01 PM

Sisoft is inaccurate as hell.
I would verify that with another few programs.

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June 21, 2001 4:05:14 PM

Average Temps:
Thunderbird 850@941 1.75v
Stock AMD cooler: 53C
Volcano II: 45C

As read by Asus Probe

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June 21, 2001 9:02:15 PM

What's a double post?

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June 22, 2001 1:41:46 AM

heh. same boat here.
1200C with a winfop32-1 but no case fans
peak load temp is approx 58-59C when read by bios or MBM (motherboard monitor) but 65 C by asus probe.
core voltages are out too by +0.05
i.e. i can set my mobo to 1.65 and it runs very stable at 1.70V (MBM, bios & asus)

it would be cooler if i got a case fan and/or removed the stupid thermal pad from the bottom of the winfop32-1.

p.s. try seti@home for peak load temps :) 

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