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Hi, I want to buy a good gaming monitor and I know I need low input lag and low response time but I also want a great image quality or graphics quality. How do you measure how good the monitor's color accuracy or just graphics quality overall is? I don't mean the the resolution cuz I saw a monitor with the same resolution as mine, 1920x1080 but and we both play the same games, but his games are all on low due to his graphics card and they look better than mine that's in ultra. He has a 23" Samsung 2ms response time.. He said he forgot everything else about the monitor. I have a lenovo (I don't even know the specs aside from 1920x1080 and 75hz refresh rate)

If possible, can you recommend any good monitors please? The cheaper the better but I can spend about $200~$400. 120hz would be ideal or 1920x1200 but 1920x1080 and 60hz~75hz is also very good.
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    Personally, I would spend the money and go for an IPS monitor. TN, while not completely on the way out (it is and will be the "cheap" monitor of the future), has too many flaws to recommend it, even for the fast response time.

    I potentially disagree with the idea that good looking is in the eye of the viewer. I think some people like a lot of color, some people like accurate color, some people love bright vibrant colors and others will do almost anything to get deep black levels. Others want the best view from any angle while others just want fast response and no ghosting/motion blur. There are particular monitors that may fulfill each roll better than others. I am not sure what you thought the other monitor had that yours didn't. But once you have an idea of that, then you know what to look for in your future purchase. Me... I like vibrant, but accurate colors.

    I have been in the market for a good monitor for quite some time. I finally think I've found that one, with the Viewsonic VX270SMH which is 27" and an IPS. My reasons are that it combines the best of what I'm looking for. IPS usually has great viewing angles but poor black levels and "IPS" bleeding of light. It sports vibrant and rich colors, but usually has higher response times. A lot of IPS monitors have very low input lag. This Viewsonic is my pick after a few weeks of research on just 27" IPS monitors. It has low IPS bleed, no ghosting, tremendously low input lag, rich blacks for an IPS and vibrant colors. It has a medium anti-glare coating which can be removed. It can go up and above 75hz, but I personally could care less... 60hz is just fine for me. Plus it has a three year warranty.

    I really wanted to go with the Dell S2740L, but it had bad ghosting and really glossy glass display. Other brands had too many trade-offs.

    If you want to keep with the 24" model, you would need someone else's advice. I looked at them and couldn't find common ground for what I wanted. Dell has a new 24" VA monitor. Didn't look like a bad choice.
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