how does this set up look

1.33 atholon boxed or retial
asus a7m266 Gigabyte's 7DXR
radeon 64 megs ddr with vivo
ibm 60 gb ata 100 gxp
atx 2.04
4 case fans may be counting the psu
300 w psu
Cordless Logitech keyboard
Cordless Logitech optical mouse
16x10x40 plextor cdrw
16x40 toshiba dvd
256mb ddr brand name cas 2.5 pc 2100
altec acs-54
Win 98 se
Creative sb 256 vaule or creative pci 128
3com 3c905x nic
any 1.44 mb floppy

what do you think of this what do yoiu think would make it better for not a lot more money this is not built yet so i'm still planning it out
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  1. very good
  2. looks like good specs.

    What are your uses? I'd watch the wireless stuff if you are heavily into gaming where time is critical.

    The retail fan will run a little warm for my taste, but as long as you are not planning to oc it will be fine.

    The 300Wpsu is around the minimum for your config. Any expansion of HDDs or other drves etc. amy see you drawing the limit out of it, especially if it is not brand. I'm currently a big fan of the enermax 451 supplies - not too costly and loads of juice. A PSU that is not fully loaded will give more stable voltages generally.

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  3. i have a force feed backe joystick for gamming

    well i plann on getting the soi .13 micron chip if it will work on my board when it comes out
    so that will free up some power
    if worst come to worst i will just by another psu becuase i don't plane i loading that hardrive up for a while
  4. How does it look? Light beige, unless you use a colored case!

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  5. that what paint is for
  6. add another 256 megs of ddr if you can afford it...

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  7. if you go with the dxr mobo consider getting 2 ibm hard drives instead on one, as the dxr comes with onboard raid, otherwise it looks like a really great setup

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  8. thanks for letting me know that

    i was plannong on geeting another 256in like a month after i get this thing so my founfds have so time to replunish a little bit
  9. Looks real good. When are you shipping it to me?

    The optical mouse is a must. I just bought a Microsoft Explorer (with the wire). Works much better than a ball.
  10. i just found out that i had read the specs for the 7dx not the 7dxr when i was resreaching them so i have one question

    is there a way to use an agp regular video card with an agp slot because know that i reasilse that it has raid and another ddr slot i like the 7dxr better than the 7dx
  11. the 7dxr has an agp pro slot, i currently have a hercules prophet 4500 on the board and it works great. i also have 512 megs of ddr ram and my system is extremely quick, check crucial for that however.

    life is what happens while you are making other plans
  12. so in other words yes an agp board will fit in an agp pro slot
  13. Don't spend the extra $$ for the 3Com NIC. A friend who makes a living installing networks told me he personally uses NetGear NICs. He also showed me a box of dead 3com's :O
    Said nowadays all the NICs have the same processor overhead.

    Also-maybe a better soundcard? (unless music or 3D sound don't matter)
  14. i'm getting the 3 com as a trade for a modem

    sound doesn't mean much i'm sitn at home right know with only two speakers and that is ok for me
  15. well, if you use it for games, i'd surely consider a better sound card and speakers...
    perhaps i'd get the Sound Blaster Live D.E with a 5.1 speaker...
  16. i went back to place where i'm looking at getting the stuff form

    anf found

    400w power spully will cost me 20 dollars more
    2 30 gig hard rives will cost me 45 more
    ga-7dxr will cost 100

    do you this this would be worth the cost
    also has anybody used the ga-7dxr our found a review that covers it good
  17. actual i did some more serching after the post last night and found an articale in greman that put it agnist the a7m266 and i showed it doing preety good actuall beating it by a little bit in some spots
  18. i have to disagree see this post
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    theyre accusing,lk alwyz wo knwng wht s jst fctn& wht s the truth.
  19. thanks and i just found another one where it put it agnist the a7m266 and the newest expoxy board and it did prteyy good. it beat them in some place by a little bit i really think i'm go to get this board now thanks

    it has alot of nice features on it that i like
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