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IPad 1 enough?


My primary requirements from a tablet (today) are instant messengers, personal email, usual internet surfing for finding answers, maps based applications, and perhaps (stored) multimedia. Even for pure entertainment, I may not go very crazy for HD gaming.

A few thoughts and a not-so-fresh question at the end - I am looking to save some money and get an iPad 1 3G instead of iPad 2 3G. It is very important for me to have the 3G version. A few months back I won an iPod touch and found it absolutely useless at work or outside without a 3G chip.

And at home where there's wifi, I'd rather use a laptop or desktop because I don't think the mobile devices today match the comfort level and functionality that the traditional PCs offer e.g. hard core gaming, office work, internet surfing for longer periods of time, etc. I don't see "post-pc" products replacing hardcore console/desktop gaming that soon but they may entice the general PC/laptop user in near future.

iPad 1 are now selling very cheap. People who have used iPad 1 and also iPad 2 (by now or in a few days), can you please comment on the mobility capabilities difference vs price difference justification?

Also, any thoughts about any other 3G tablet you may suggest that is worth waiting for?

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    Haven't used iPad 2 but I've had an iPad 64GB Wifi for about a year and I've been very happy with it;however, since iPad 2 has is overall better and offers the same price, why don't you buy it instead ?
  2. True. I was rooting for iPad 1 since many people are now selling it at a much cheaper price than Apple (slightly used). But people who have used iPad 2 AND iPad 1 would be the best judges.

    I don't really think there is any other able tablet in the market until Blackberry Playbook and/or Toshiba's tablet; both will be out within one and half months from now.
  3. Well there are always going to be improvements in the next versions of tablets. Just around the corner are some tablets promising to come out with way better features than iPad 2.

    If I already had iPad 1, I'd stick to it, but I don't! :) I was therefore thinking of waiting until May if Toshiba + Blackberry sound really promising.
  4. I got an upgrade to iPhone 4 approved by my wireless service provider. That's all I needed, a capable 3G device and my company also started to support emails on it. Canceling the iPad 2 order soon. Not worth the money for the utility.

    The only thing is that I won't be able to jail break the iPhone 4. I have a jail broken iPod Touch 4 which I am very confused about whether to sell or not.
  5. Based on your needs, I'd pick up iPad 1 and call it a day.
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  7. Hi :)

    CLOSING due to age...

    All the best Brett :)
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