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Hey all.

I currently use two monitors and the one showing severe issues is the Samsung Syncmaster P2370 which I bought 2-3 years ago. Before I go and replace it I just wanted a second opinion on whether it's actually the monitor which is the problem.

So over the past couple years the monitor has worked great. There's been some random times where I've had issues turning it on and having it stay on for more than a few seconds; but those were solved by replugging in the power cable and was always a one-time thing. Starting about 2 days ago I noticed some brief flickering while playing a game, but didn't think much of it. Last night while watching a video is when major symptoms started appearing. Rather than try to explain, I've included some photos of what I'm seeing:

Basically it started with the pixels distorting and then the white lines in the middle of the screen (which have grown over the past number of hours to what is seen in the picture). I also had trouble getting the monitor to stay on this morning (it was turned off during the night). I would power it on, it would stay on for 10-30 seconds before powering off and the only way to try again was to replug the power cable.

I've been able to temporarily fix it twice by trying to replug both the DVI and power cable (not sure which actually fixed it, or if it was just a fluke), but again only temporarily. This problem is not affecting the second monitor. I tried switching the DVI cable between monitors and between ports on the video card, as well as switching primary and secondary settings in the control panel, but the problem only occurs on the one monitor. I have no other computers or video cards to use to be absolutely sure it's not the video card, but seeing as how the problem is only happening on the one monitor you can see why I'm about ready to go out and take advantage of some Boxing Day sales.

Anyway, just wondering if someone can give me a second opinion on this. Any responses are appreciated ^^
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    Sounds like you have isolated the problem to the Samsung LCD. I ran across this problem with my dell ultrasharp five years ago. It was a bad power connection with the power surge unit of the LCD. Does yours connect straight into the wall? Given that you have had problems with the power before, I would say that is the culprit. I solved my issues just like you with restarting the computer and turning the power off and on again and unconnecting the power cord. Eventually, I replaced the power cord. Have you ever shorted the LCD by unplugging the cord while it was on? That may have damaged the internals and you are seeing the side effects now.
  2. So... it was degrading constantly over this week. Decided to go ahead and purchase the new monitor. Monitor arrives today... and the old monitor is suddenly working fine >.>
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  4. Mine is the same, lol. I know it is a power issue and some wiring. Mine has been working strong over the past three months, but every once in a while it will go weird on me. I know that the problems started when I unplugged the power cable from the monitor and then plugged it back in again. It is a metal on metal connection both on the prongs and the outside (real dumb of Dell) and shorted it once. Never been the same since, but still works ok. My power button won't turn off the monitor sometimes and sometimes it will.
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