Can connect PC to display by USB?

So, I know that this might end up sounding noobish, but I can't found the answer. For a brief description of my question, see title. For detailed version, as follows:

I have been using my old display for a few years now. It's 1680*1050, 22'' wide LG that I really like and that I am used to. Recently, however, I found myself in need of plugging two devices (tabletPC and regular desktop) to a single screen. Since my LG has only two connectors and one of them is good ol' VGA, I was looking for a replacement.
The gordic knot is how do I solve connecting the Iconia W500 tablet to the same display as my desktop without spending five mintes crawling around among piles of stuff (I am not THAT disorganized, I just do a lot of work, mmmkay?) and switching cables and everything...
So far it seems that for the keyboard and mouse, the best option is a standalone docking station (I choosed ZALMAN cooling stand / USB hub with SATA II bay for extra HDD), but I can't seem to solve the puzzle for screen.
After searching through the Great Mighty Internet for a while, I found out that a lot of screens nowadays come with USB. My question is - is it USB input as in possibility of plugging in an USB cable from computer (or the USB hub, in my case)? I know that this works with external harddrives, but I can't say for sure that it works with entire PC...

Thanks a lot for any help.
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  1. Monitors that say they support USB just have a USB hub inside for convenience; you cannot use the USB to display graphics.
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