That evil rng

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Well, just kinda needed to post to vent some frustrations...

My valk was doing quite well. I found an armor shop on level 3 which was
had GoP, Helm of Telepathy, and Boots of Speed. Wow I thought, great
head start on gear, best luck yet. With a +1 dwarvish cloak and such I
had an early AC of -5. Well, I was level 7 and strolling around on level
8 in the mines. I turn a corner, and just out of range of my telepathy
was a soldier... who happened to have a wand of death... DYWYPI? argh...
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    With luck like that so early on, I'd almost be ready to just #quit and
    get it over with. My best games are always the ones where I don't get
    any luck and have to fight and scrap for my gear.
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