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Anyone in Toronto? Need help putting system togeth

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June 19, 2001 12:15:54 AM

Hi, I'm buying a new system and seeing as I'll most likely be buying the components from different stores and possibly having some pieces shipped to me and the fact that I don't trust myself putting everything together without frying anything I'd like some help putting it together and overclocking it. I'm looking for someone in Toronto to help me out. Will pay a bit, negotiable. Give me a reply at if someone can help out. btw, will be putting it together in the next week to two weeks.

Specs (CDN$):

Inwin Full Tower 300W ATX $124
AMD 1.333 $329/373 oem/retail
Board w/the SiS 735 chipset unknown (likely ordering)
1gig PC2100 DDR $484
SoundBlaster Live 5.1 $99
Samsung 900NF $580
60g IBM Deststar 75gxp $328
Pioneer 16X DVD Slot OEM $108
PlexWriter 16/10/40A CD-RW R $305
Asus v8200 $589
Win2k $389
Altec Lansing 5pc $166

Total= $4241 w/tax.
June 19, 2001 12:51:03 AM

good luck getting that much memory on a board becuase most only have two slotsand a 512 meg ddr 2100 cost 450 dollars US alone you are more likely going to end upwith 512
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June 19, 2001 1:13:48 AM

wait for the afreey 25x dvd drive, it has over 100x CDROM read speeds
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June 19, 2001 9:29:25 AM

go get your CPU from sunny computers, its only $270
for the OEM version.

I agree, you won't be able to get 1G of PC2100 DDR
anywhere for that cheap. What do you need that
much ram for anyway? I've got 512MB of PC133 and my
swap file never gets touched!

Also, do you have a source for the SIS735 board?

Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
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June 19, 2001 8:04:35 PM

The memory is from Canada Computers as are most of the components, no source on the mobo yet but from the review on the chipset it said boards should be popping up in the next few days so I was hoping, if not then I'll go with the Asus AM266 er I think thats the name, the amd chipset one.
Right about not getting that much mem on the board, I forgot that it won't take that much :-(

Will do some searching for sunny computers, do the other prices look reasonable?
June 19, 2001 8:40:09 PM

yeah those prices are pretty much the cheapest
you'll find in the Toronto area.. there are
some cheaper but its out in Mississauga or
even further out.

Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
June 19, 2001 9:04:49 PM

Still I wouldn't spend 4 grand on a pc, I bought my new pc a month ago. Go shop around Markham, they got some excellent deals, especially if u can negotiate, cuz most of the stores value us, customers :) 

"He who laughs last doesn't get the joke"
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June 19, 2001 10:16:49 PM

I'm afraid of getting burned by going to a smaller shop, im new to the city and don't know the reps of the stores around here, plus how much cheaper could I get a system for from the stores in Markham? If it's not much then I'd rather go with the piece of mind from a larger store.
June 20, 2001 12:38:25 AM

do what i've been doind then go around to as many stores as you can and see how the prices change form store to store and just talk to the people

start using computer jargon that only somebody else that is into commputers could understand and if you can find a place like that then your pretty much set to get good stuff

i found a diffrent board to day that i accidently put down it was a gigabyte ga-7dxr it has three dimm slots in
and also has onboard raid and sound

it is like 20 dollars more ammerican then the assus a7m266 is
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June 20, 2001 2:05:44 AM

which chipset does it use? and where'd you find it? :-)
June 20, 2001 3:22:06 AM

If you're looking at having parts shipped in, try to find the best prices for individual pieces on-line and then try NCIX in Vancouver. They have price match and you're going to save 7% pst right off the top. You will save money.
June 20, 2001 10:36:35 AM

yeah I agree, I tend to shop *almost* exclusively at
Sunny Computers @ Pacific Mall, they beat an OEM
distributor's prices! Plus I negotiate with them
too, got like $50 off on a $500 purchase. Of course
if you're not comfortable with building your own
system and you might want to get it from like Futureshop
or somewhere else instead.

I think him wanting to get the GF3 and the 19"
is really blowing the price out of the water.
Plus if he'd be willing to settle for a 60GB
maxtor (what I have, works great) he'd save
another 100 dollars. Then there's the CPU, etc.

But heck, if he's got the money to burn then I
say go for it!

Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
June 20, 2001 10:37:16 AM

yeah they're pretty good.. but its shipping
that kills me :) 

Intel Components, AMD Components... all made in Taiwan!
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June 20, 2001 8:51:26 PM

I went to Sunny Computers today in Pacific Mall, it's actually pretty close to where I'm living right now, 10 min. drive. The prices there are pretty good, better than Canada Computers, and they have most of the stuff in stock already, so I ordered right there, plus the sales/technician guy knew what he was talking about.

Here's what I ordered:

AMD 1.333
ASUS A7M266 (just got a call, said none of their suppliers can get it but the can get the Gigabyte 7DXR; should I wait till they can get the asus or should i go ahead w/the giga?
Pioneer 16x slot
plextor 16x10/40
ibm 60g
logitech cord. keybrd&mouse combo
512k ddr pc2100 micron
sb live 5.1
creative dtt2200 theater 5.1 (i know very little about speakers, he sold me on this 5piece one, is it decent?)
Aopen 10/100 network card
mini copper orb (dont know much about cooling units either, is this 1 decent, recommeneded by the guy at store)
ati tv wonder (i want tv in)
asus v8200 deluxe
inwin full tower 300w

total: $3987cdn w/tax
June 20, 2001 9:22:08 PM

orb are horrible and noturis for killing the atholon by cracking the core look for a fop 32 or volcano 2
these both can be found for around 20 dollars US and they are better than a lot of other ons out there

also go look at the heatsink review on the main page to pick a better on

on question is if you don't plan on over clocking it then you should see if they have retail chips

other that than it looks like a really good system
June 21, 2001 2:35:19 PM

Hmm, I don't think I visited Pacific Mall, although it's about half an hour drive from me. Should check it out. However the deal I got after going around 6 or 7 different stores was:

A7V133 Mobo
1.2 TBird
SB Live Value
30 Gig Quantum HD
Asus GeForce 2 MX with TV out
16x Pioneer DVD drive
Some other small components, I.E. NIC
All for 1400 Canadian dollars of course (taxes included)

And that was more then a month ago

I consider it quite a good deal :*)

However I'd never buy a pc in Future Shop and such stores, simply cuz they charge more and if u try to tweak your pc, they void warranty.

"He who laughs last doesn't get the joke"
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June 22, 2001 2:49:49 PM

I get all parts wholesale, in Canada, London, Ont, actually, and I have never paid more than 1800 for a computer. I build em, and again, have never sold one for more than 1800. lol. If I were you though, I would have the place you're getting it put it together for you. Especially seeing as it's an AMD system. I find them a lot more touchy to get to work properly than your typical Intel system. They're better systems, just harder to tweak.
June 22, 2001 5:11:41 PM

As a matter of fact, they did put it together for me :) 

"He who laughs last doesn't get the joke"