Frozen Advent Screen after Win 7 crash


Can you help me with the following problem please?

I have an Advent T9102 and Advent T9308, due to the Advent T9102 being really old and having a few problems and consistently crashing, I decided to take the Hard Drive out of it and make use of it in my Advent T9308 and reformat the whole machine and install Windows 7. Due to my Advent T9308 being Windows XP I first upgraded it to Windows Vista to get all the necessary Windows 7 drivers. Everything worked great once upgraded to Windows Vista. I then used my USB stick to install Windows 7.

When I restarted the Advent T9308 I booted the USB stick and it started loading the Windows files, I deleted all the partitions on the hard drives and reformated the drives. The installation screen came up and I followed the screen prompts. When it got to the installing Windows part it shot the percentage straight up for the "Copying Windows files" which was odd, but then the "Expanding Windows files" it froze at 1%, I knew it froze because I left it for 30mins and it didn't go up a percentage. I decided to hold the power button for 5 seconds and restart the machine. On restart the machine got stuck on the very first Advent screen, it currently has "Press DEL to run Setup, Press TAB to display BIOS POST Message", but it doesn't matter what button I press on the keyboard nothing loads up??

Obviously no Windows will load up as I deleted the Windows partitions. I am just trying to get the machine to boot up the USB, or, CD so I can install Windows 7, but the machine wont get past the first screen, just before the post bios screen. The machine fans are spinning, the motherboard light is on, no beeps at start up, if you just listened to it it sounds like everything is ok, but its not getting past the Advent first screen?? :heink:

Any help would be great.

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  1. If it's not getting past the Advent boot up screen then it's not fully posting.

    Unplug the power cord from the back and then hold the power button in for about 5-10 seconds to drain all flea power from the computer. After that time passes, plug it back in and try it again.

    The POSTing sequence might have gotten hung for some reason.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I did what you said and it made it to the post screen but has now stopped again.

    I have a picture of my post screen, can you see any reason it would now get stuck on this screen? Pri Master ATAPI CD-ROM maybe?
  3. Case closed, failed hard drive and RAM stick causing desktop not to post. Thanks for your help.
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