How to clean off Thermal Tape off of a Tbird

Friend of mine has a Tbird and he used the heatsink that came with it, but he put it on and now he bought some Arctic Silver, and he wants to use Arctic Silver

how can he saftely clean off the thermal tape stuff?
off of the heatsink and the Tbird core??

appreciated thanks guys/gals

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  1. use a hammer
  2. screw off!

    --call it what you wish, with this machine I can make mercury flow in 3 directions at once--
  3. Use a strong liquid...I did it to my bro's Tbird 700 b4 he fried it. Try using rubbing alcohol, it should soften up the thermal pad.....than rub it off with a it to both the core and the Heatsink, k dude?

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  4. How about running it over with your car.

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  5. Use a lighter and flame it!! Burn the [-peep-] AMD!!!! BURN!!!
  6. Man, that's why people get bad reps. They just don't have anything intelligent to say.

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  7. Seriously, you might try using nail polish remover. But test it first on the heat sink rather than the processor.

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  8. its actually english... but anyways, just use a sharp scalpel and cut it off... but why did that stupid friend of yours put on a thermal pad? regular duct-tape makes better than that thermal pads!

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  9. Member of the Triple threat - LOL, I thought you were "Bowser the Side Show Monkey"

    Get some Alcoholo or maybe try a little Goop Off. Might have to let it sit a bit to try and soften the tape.

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  10. Dishwashing detergent and hot water usually works good, better than alcohol or acetone for the soft stuff. Or charcoal lighter fluid is perfect for removing stubborn gummy stuff. I've given up on Acetone.

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  11. The rubbing alch will usually work and won't damage the t-bird. There are solution compounds that you can also buy at the hardware stores that will remove it, but I don't know if they will harm the cpu or not.......

  12. just look at those sad replies...
    makes one embarrised to be of the same species really.

    alcohohohohohol or nail polish remover.

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  13. information for cleaning thermal tape off heatsink can be found at
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