How long can a Tbird last without a Heatsink/Fan?

Just curious cause my pc has been on for weeks and i wanna take the heatsink and fan off..
but of course ill power down but its really hot right now

so...i mean if its not and the fan and heatink come off
wont it get hotter even though the power is off since the heatsink is off??

know what im saying

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  1. Once the computer is off it no longer generates heat from the CPU.

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  2. No, it won't.

    Once the power is removed, it is no longer generating heat, and cannot get any hotter then it already is.

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  3. The short answer is NO!

    The long answer is: NO, because the only way the CPU can get hotter is if energy (heat) is added to the CPU. If the power is off no energy (heat) is being added. It just means your CPU will not lose the heat as quickly with out a heatsink.

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  4. LOL
  5. if you are asking how long it would last without HS/F and power on... I'd say you better experiment with it. it might be 3 minutes, 5 minutes or even 10 minutes (depending on how cool the ambient is) before going mad, throwing GPfs, abruptly rebooting and hanging... then you know theres a temp problem.

    if you remove the HS/F and keep the system off, it would last till the end of the world, provided no other forces, human or nature (other than the warranty) act on it.


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  6. AMD cpu will last about 10 seconds max, maybe 5 powered on with no heatsink.

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  7. 10 secs is too short. i havent experimented with it, but i think most cpus would last till bootup and a bit more, thats more than a minute. then they start doing stange things and when stretched (or should i say, 'cooked') too much they give up.

    that period is yet to be figured out. i have a AMD cpu, thats K6-II 400 MHz, which ran for more than 5 hours without the fan (the fan failed but the heatsink, a cheap quality Rs.100~$2 HS/F was on), the temperature reached well above 75 and guess what...

    I replaced the HS/F with a coolermaster one, and I am still using the system and it hasnt shown any problems, as yet. I understand that 75 degree act was painful for the cpu, and its life must have been reduced by an year or even more, for those 5 hrs. but it isnt damaged by any means. its still fit as a fiddle.

    it was an AMD cpu alright. as for Tbird Athlons, they might not last for this long, but 10 secs is too low to expect.


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  8. won't get any hotter, should cooldown faster as most of the heat is in the heatsink by then.

    out of ideas, back soon !
  9. A K6-2 only puts out at most 1/3 the heat of a high end Tbrid. Tbrids fry almost instantly without a HS.

    I AM Canadian.

    I fried one before, it lasted 6 seconds!!!
  11. According to one of my friend's test, a 1 GHz Tbird lasts about 3 to 5 seconds when powered on without HSF. Still wonderin' why he received another one when it went on warranty :-) Never power on without HSF !!! By the way, Tbirds are not MMX or 486, ya know :-)

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  12. Mastercat, he's saying to wait for that amount of time before turning the power OFF and taking off the HSF.

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  13. The AMD("Oh! should we put a thermal diode in it? Nah!") Tbird will fry in less than 20secs maybe less, it will never give you enough time to get to the bios. end of story, good bye!

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  14. If it lasted only 3-5 seconds. Putting on the best hsf wouldn't help it run constantly. I must be something longer. I would say 30 seconds at least.

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  15. you're thinking along the lines of car engines, aren't you?
    the difference here is the processor doesn't have enough mass to hold heat, you can cut it off, by the time you get to the heatsink good it'll be cool enough to cause no problems.

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  16. I have to agree with MeltDown here. With no HSF attached, a TBird will fry in seconds. While I have no first hand experience in this matter, I have read enough posts here and in other forums to verify that the TBird can fry before POST completes. That is 10 seconds or less.

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  17. Athlon 1000... no HSF...0-fried in less than 8 seconds.
    You probably wouldn't even have time to post.

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  18. Looks like an oversight by AMD, should have an automatic shutdown incorporated. I wonder how long the cpu will last if the cpu fan fails. Meaning the mass of the heatsink and any cooling done by the HS due to natural convection keeping the cpu cooled. Anyone have any ideas in that case? A duel fan setup for the T-Bird makes sense for a possible fan failure.

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  19. Ditto. Hell, even AMD confirmed it when a reviewer first asked them about the rubber pads on the T-birds.


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  20. I couldn't believe it myselft but I saw it fry and I swear it didn't took 5 secs. That means HS are really effective. My friend was waiting for the monitor to turn on before shuting the system down but it never happened. Smoke appeared almost instantly.

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  21. So he intentionally started up the computer without a HSF? duh! Why did he do that? I wonder if anyone did that with a Pentium 3 or 4 and if they also died.

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  22. I know starting the system without a HS was not a good move but... Anyway, he got another CPU on warranty. Intel's CPU have a thermal protection to prevent that kind of mistake. That's the biggest flaw of AMD's Athlons but not a big concern if you know how to install them properly.

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  23. In theory, the P3 or P4 will have some protection. To my understanding, the clock will automatically slow down to reduce heat once a threshold temperature is exceeded. But is it enough to protect the cpu if no HSF is attached and the unit is kept running?

    My only experience in this area is my Pentium 200MMX, whose POS non ball-bearing fan failed. So did the CPU chip. Now I don't know how long the fan wasn't working. Could have been an hour, a day, a week or more. The end result, however, is that the chip fried, and had to be replaced.

    With Athlon chips, should the fan fail, you will know it failed very shortly therafter! [sarcasm] A much better warning system for HSF fan failure then Intel chips [/sarcasm].

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  24. I have fried a t-bird in less than 1 second. I was sending it back anyways and wanted to see what would happen. I had my finger on it and got burned the instant I turned on the power. LOL that was pretty stupid of me but I learned alot.

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  25. ROFL@U

    This is the same gimp who wants to argue that AMD is better?


    Noting this post for future reference.
  26. The lack of thermal protection has nothing to do with performance, or value.

    Yes, the chip burns fast without a HSF. Everyone knows that. Just speculating on the "what ifs" if someone is dumb enough to run one without a fan.

    How about removing the HSF from one of your P4's, and letting it run for an hour. Let us know what happens......

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  27. I booted up my Thunderbird 850 and accidentally forgot to plug in the fan on the Volcano II, but the heatsink was Arctic Silvered on.
    I got to my desltop then it froze (it was running about a minute)
    I rebooted and it started to boot again, but froze again. I rebooted again and it was dead (3 minutes of total running)
    It never woke up.
    How sad...
    I realized what happenned right then and touched my heatsink, there is still a mark on my fingertip.

    SSOOooo: 3minutes with a Volcano II w/ no fan on an 850TB.

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  28. That's correct....

    The only reason I got into the BIOS before it fried is because i was using a watercooler and the waterline was squeezed (no flowing water). Even with the waterblock on the chip it only lasted 9 seconds!!!!!!!!!!! (750 duron @ 1.19GHz!)
  29. Well that answers my question, if the VIA HWM pops up on the screen with a high temperture, I better be on my computer and act as quick as possile in turning off my puter. Otherwise I might as well bring the marshmellows for a roast. Luckily I can replace my 1.2gh T-Bird for $108 nowdays. How obscene but I love it. :smile:

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  30. FUGGER, how long will a PentiumIV last if the fan gives out on the HSF? Will the throttling keep it cool enough or is there a automatic shutdown to protect the cpu. Or will it go up in a puff of smoke like the T-Birds but with a slow whimper?

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