Missing dll file -advrcntr3.dll

My computer is looking for a advrcntr3.dll file. I downloaded the file, placed it in the system32 folder and it still can't recognize it. I have no burning capabilities.
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  1. Is that part of Nero software? Did you try re-installing Nero?

    Start the RUN command box. Start, type in run and choose the RUN program
    Type “regsvr32 advrcntr3.dll” (without the quotes) and press Enter
    A pop-up box will let you know if regsvr32 advrcntr3.dll was installed correctly.
  2. Yes, the dll file is part of Nero. Reinstallation of the program did not restore the file. Since I just upgraded to Windows 7 my Nero program is uncompatable. I did the Run thing and it said something about make sure the binary is stored in the correct path or debug it to check for problems. Don't know how to debug.
  3. lwchef said:
    I have no burning capabilities.
    Since Nero isn't working for you I'd un-install Nero and let Windows 7 handling the burning duties.
  4. Looks like Nero7 Essentials is compatible with Win7 32bit but not Win7 64bit.
  5. Hello lwchef,

    I am a Nero employee and would like to help you.

    Unfortunately, Nero 7 does not offer official support for Windows 7. If you would like to use Nero under Windows 7, you can upgrade to Nero Multimedia Suite 10 and save up to 20% compared to the regular price by visting the following page and entering your current Nero 7 serial number:

    If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact our customer support:

    Or seek for help in the My Nero community:

    Best regards
  6. try downloading this file and manually put in the system32 folder

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