New IPS monitor - washed out colors?

I recently purchased my first IPS monitor. It's a ViewSonic VX2370Smh-LED. So far I'm happy with it except for one thing - on default settings, the colors seemed slightly washed out. Adjusting the contrast/brightness on the monitor didn't help. I ended up adjusting the gamma level from it's default (1.0) to 0.75 using the nVidia Control Panel, which seems to do the trick. I don't have my old TN monitor plugged in at the moment, so instead I used my current-gen iPod Touch (which has an IPS screen) for comparison. At default settings, the difference between the two screens was obvious. The iPod Touch had richer, deeper colors. However, after adjusting the gamma to 0.75, the colors seem to match up pretty well. I guess you can call it poor man's calibration (I don't have any calibration hardware on hand).

I'm wondering if this is normal, and should I be concerned at all that I needed to adjust the gamma level this low? I've never owned an IPS monitor before but I've heard that they are supposed to have pretty good color accuracy.
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  2. Hey guys,

    So I tried connecting the monitor with a DVI cable instead of HDMI which is what I was using before, and the the contrast is now much better.
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