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Looking for a gaming laptop

Hello all,

I am a newbie to this forum so sorry if i make any mistakes, anyways, i am looking to buy a new laptop mainly for the purposes of gaming and university use. My budget is 2,000 dollars or less and im looking for the best possible laptop i can get with that price. One of my top choices so far is the m15x with its GTX 460m card but im also looking at the ASUS g51Jx. Are there any laptops you guys would reccomend for this purpose?
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  1. I have an Alienware M15x (with the HD5850m) and I am VERY happy with its performance. Getting one should leave you with a few bucks to get some great games and stuff for university with.

    Good luck!
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    I've never had a problem with Alienware except for their rediculously high price. a $2000 alienware compares to any other brand around $1500, so take a look at Asus and Dell XPS.
  3. Nice machine. "Only" $1399 + free shipping....Alienware M15x
  4. COLGeek said:
    Nice machine. "Only" $1399 + free shipping....Alienware M15x

    Not bad, it is "originally" $1699 though.

    Also, i really don't like Dell anymore...
  5. How about Asus G-series?
  6. Personally I love the Asus G series.
  7. osirvio said:
    How about Asus G-series?

    They are nice machines. Do the feature compare, look at cost, and then decide (consider warranty as well). Good luck!
  8. Get an M11X and a new car :D

    The M11X suites my needs and plays all modern games including crysis, just cause 2 and gta at meduim to high settings, which the M15X should go that bit further :)
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