1.4 TBird: Sky's the limit?

So i have had my 700 TBird for a little less than a year now... and have decided to double it :). My question is-- are there any definite numbers on O/Cing the 1.4 Ghz? If the AYHJA core really does go up to 1700-1800, then it would definitely be worth the trouble. But all of the reports i have seen on this CPU, although they most likely were not with this new core, had them maxing out around 1500-1600. If they only O/C less than 15%, then the 1.0Ghz that O/C's to 1.5 would be a much better choice, as it is less expensive, and the speed difference is almost negligible.

On a side note, I'll be using the K7 Master... i havent seen one in person, but i heard that space near the processor is rather limited. Is there room for a water-cooling setup in there?
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  1. Yeah, from what I've seen, the 1.4 can't go that high (percentage-wise, at least). That, and the huge price difference is why I bought a 1.2

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  2. I'd go for the latter.

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