Where to buy? suggestion please

Im going to buy a AMD based computer. (1.3ghz or 1.4ghz)
I need your suggestions please.
Price range looking for is under $2000.(lower the better)
Must include monitor, Good graphic card (geforce 2 ultra or geforce 3)
It will be mostly used for gaming.
Anyone have suggestion where to buy? (online)
I don¡¯t like huge computer retailers.. I want one that I can modify & overclock.
Thanks for your help.
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  1. Newegg.com
    About the cheapest parts anywhere and great service, highly reccommended by literally thousands.
    They don't build them though, they sell the parts, you build it.
    Go there and build a shopping cart full of everything for a system.
    If you go through anyone that builds computers for you, you are going to have a much harder time getting the exact parts you want and overclocking ability.
    Build it yourself, it's fun and not at all too tough.
    + You'll feel better when you use it, knowing you built it, just like anything in life.

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  2. Yes, I thoroughly agree. I just built my first computer (well, the first computer I've ever built for myself), and I love it already, even though I haven't had time to do hardly anything with it, and it's sitting in my trunk right now ;)

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  3. I suggest going to pricewatch.com and searching for the cheapest retailers for your computer parts. When I built mine, I actually bought from 4 different retailers, rather than all of my parts from one company.

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  4. Well, if I (or anyone) was to build my own computer, would I need to buy a "how to" guide? Since I've never built a computer, what would I need to get to instruct me on how to put it together and not screw anything up. I've heard horror stories about bad cooling fan placement.
  5. To be honest with you, I actually followed Tom's guide for a DIY PC for $1000. I followed it, buying almost the same parts, and everything went fine. Here's the <A HREF="http://www4.tomshardware.com/howto/01q1/010115/index.html" target="_new">link</A>. Although I did purchase the components from various sites, such as 1steweb.net, crazypc.com, avlogic.com, and crucial.com, I would suggest getting the components from newegg.com now. I wish I would've heard about it, because the prices are so much cheaper. Most of the sites I went to are like $10-15 more expensive.

    I would just suggest getting everything you can at newegg.com, then getting the RAM from crucial.com, and the cooler and Arctic Silver at CrazyPC.com.

    I left my other computer running on my desk while I was working on it in the kitchen, and from time to time, I would check that I was doing everything correctly. I'm so happy with my new computer though. Even though I did make it seem hard, I would say that it's easy. I wish I would've done this before, instead of buying a Packard Bell... :frown:

    I've heard horror stories about bad cooling fan placement.

    What's the all about? I haven't heard/had any problems.
  6. newegg is good (great), but they don't have everything, and if you live in CA it might be better to search for lower prices since you'll have to factor in taxes...

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  7. Take a look at www.mwave.com.

    They have good prices, and have just about everything. Good rating at reselleratings.com as well. Being able to get everything from one vendor cuts down on shipping costs tremendously.

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  8. Take a look at <A HREF="http://www.pcmech.com/byopc/index.htm" target="_new"> PC Mech</A> for a guide.

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