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I've owned Asus G73JH for few months now. Whenever I start the computer there is a pop-up window that suggests me to create recovery/backups discs for my laptop.

I haven't done this yet and I was wondering if I even can. I've already installed few games and programs on my laptop which results that my laptop isn't actually in it's factory state anymore.

Can I create this backup/recovery discs despite this fact?
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  1. Hello osirvio;

    That prompt to make recovery/backup disks is still valid and something you should do.
    Create a new Recovery Disk every size months or so, or after a major update like a Service pack install.

    There is a hidden recovery partition located on the hard disk with the 'factory install' copy of Windows. If your hard disk should ever fail the backup copy of that 'factory install' is what you would need to use to reinstall windows on a replacement hard drive.
  2. Check, should I use DVD-Rs or DVD+Rs? My laptop has a Blu-Ray driver, so does it matter is it plus or minus?
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