Help on my first laptop

Good day,

I'd like to inquire if which of these are better:

HP G42-366TX
2.53 GHz Intel Core i3 380M
ATI Radeon HD5470 512mb
2Gb ddr3
Priced @ 663 on our local dealer

Asus eM D732-382G50Mn
2.53 GHz Intel Core i3 380M
2Gb ddr3
Priced @ $535 on our local dealer

would the 5470 be decent for gaming?

Thank you and have a nice day
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  1. 5470M is a low-end card and not suitable for gaming.
  2. thanks mate... but would it suffice for let's say some quick fixes for photoshop/movie editing while on the go?
  3. would i be better of with just the integrated graphics? and just buy a $128 worth of gfx card for my desktop?
  4. For basic PS/Video editing,and IGP card suffices.
    Get the second one which is cheaper and upgrade the RAM to 4GB
  5. i got the one with the IGP and upgraded the ram though i was wondering, i think the technician placed another ram with a different speed rating 1333 against the default memory of 1600 and i think this is the reason why the laptop suddenly freezes when i open some application.
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