My system hangs constantly

i use an hp pavilion dv5 notebook with 320gb hard drive and 2gb ram. whenever i switch on, after working for a few minutes, it just den two small lights ll be blinking on the keyboard area. please help..........the problem is getting unbearable. it uses windows 7
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  1. I had an HP notebook with a battery that went bad. Even when the notebook was plugged into AC power, the battery still made the computer fail to function.

    My issues started like yours, then the PC just failed to function altogether.

    Try removing the battery and running just by AC power. If this fixes your issue, you need a new battery.

    My notebook continues to work this way to this day. I still don't feel the $120 to replace the battery on my 5 year-old laptop is a fair price, so I continue to only use this PC plugged in.
  2. i tried ur method but its still doing it....pls help
  3. Are you still under warranty? I had a bad experience with my HP laptop by which they basically replaced my PC with a new one for 3 years straight. I kept buying an additional year of support with each warranty claim.
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