how do I know if CPU is dead?

I'm building my AMD 1.4 box right now. I also use vapochill. I have Installed basic things such as mountng mobo with cpu and memory on it and installing vapochill cooling cpu-kit. Then, i also installed graphic card.
I turned on my pc and power was on but I got nothing on the screen. Shouldn't I get BIOS screen?
When i installed vapochill cpu-kit, I think I gave a bit hard pressure on the cpu. Is my cpu dead? How do i conform it if my cpu is dead? The fan near the cpu is running.
I really need help.
My mobo is asus av7 133
ane memory is kingmax pc150 x 2
thank you
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  1. Try to match the pins and make sure that the pins are matching each other. there is like a little arrow on the cpu and the slot.
  2. I'd recommend buying a regular heatsink fan combo and test it out under 'normal' circumstances. Visually inspect the cpu for hairline cracks or for damage to the edges.

    The A7V133 is quite notorious for not booting. Make sure you have tried fully resetting the board by unplugging, removing the battery and shorting the cmos reset above it for at least 10s.

    My advice, buy a really cheap duron or athlon (it doesn't sound like you are strapped for cash) and use that as a tester. Make sure you really know what you are doing, how you want to do it etc. and then start using more expensive cpus, otherwise I think you'll find your overclocking learning curve to be very steep and expensive.

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  3. the Original AV7 gave me nothing but problems, never did get it to thing is to pull out the cpu and look at it.....if there is not visible damage to it.....try with normal cooling.....

    Are you getting any beeps......thats a big clue on what's wrong.....

  4. I don't get any beeps. Accoding to the mobo manual, I'm supposed to get a beep when I tturn on the pc if everything went correctly.
    And if the CPU was ruined, is it visible with naked eyes?
  5. Recheck all jumpers and Dipswitches to see if they were put correctly. I was once forgetting to reset JEN to 1-2 when setting it run at <b>Jumper mode</b> and it couldn't post.

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  6. i set everything in jumperfree mode and I conformed it. I applied lots heat compound(cream)on the soket and pin holes as instructed on vapochill's manual.
    Is this a problem? I went to a ASUS website and there are some peopel have boot up issues with a7v models.
  7. I usually just pop the chip into another board and try it out.

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