Facing issues when trying to launch programs.

Hi, on my windows 7 Acer aspire laptop I have recently been having issues when trying to launch anything. After my computer has fully loaded up, I cannot launch anything or use the internet. This includes when trying to launch MS office, chrome, internet explorer, games, adobe and so on. The only way I can launch anything is either in safe mode, or if I quickly open the program as soon as my computer opens to desktop. I can then run the program for approximately 2 mins before it freezes, shuts me out and then doesn't let me reopen.
I have tried to do a Norton virus scan, although it seems to be getting stuck on detecting tracking cookies. (Not sure if this is a result of any virus I have or something else). I would appreciate any help that people can give me, but I ask them to bear in mind that I can only act easily on safe mode. (I am currently on a different computer).
Thanks again, and don't hesitate to ask if more information is required.
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  1. Is the laptop new?
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