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I have a Dual Processor 440LX Motherboard. I believe it supports up to (2) 366 Mhz 66Mhz FSB processors. It is currently set up with a single 233 PII. I am looking to upgrade but am unable to find any of these older processors anywhere. This is a slot 1 configuration and it doesn't support Celerons. Does anyone know of a source for a reasonably priced processor or two?

Thank for any and all information.

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  1. Have you tried:


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  2. Try Yahoo auctions.

    Be cautious though. Make sure the seller has an excellent rating of at least twenty responses. I never buy from anyone with more than five percent bad responses.

    <A HREF="http://list.auctions.yahoo.com/uk/23344-category.html" target="_new">http://list.auctions.yahoo.com/uk/23344-category.html</A>

    This is the U.K. site. I'm sure there's a site for every location.

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  3. You can probably use any of the PPGA Celerons with PPGA slotkets on it as well. The PPGA are the ones with the metal colored cover molded in. They are available up to 533MHz. Be carefull, as the FC-PGA is also available at 533, and is probably not compatable. The built-in multipliers of the PPGA processors eliminate the need for actually having the proper jumpers on the motherboard.

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  4. Thanks for the info. Will check it out.
  5. Thank you. I agree with your philosophy. I always check the consumer ratings and they must be secure sights.
  6. Thanks. I checked on line and found that I can buy a 533 PPGA with fan and kit cheaper than a Slot 1 PII 366 without fan. It's not much money so I bought it. My MB supports multipliers up to x5.5 which is used for the 366. Do you have a suggestion as to what speed to clock the 533?

    Thanks again.
  7. I'm assuming your multiplyers go up to 8.
    66.8 * 8 = 534.4

    Should be fine.

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  8. Any speed you clock it to by multiplier will be overridden by the internal multiplier, effectively making the stock 533 an "overdrive". If you have aditional bus speeds available beyond 66MHz, you can try them, but remember that the maximum speed of these are usualy between 550 and 600.

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