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what are the main components of the CPU? I remember when I last studied it a while ago things like "ALU" etc... nowdays though, I can't see ALU as such at all. I assume FPU isn't part of ALU, but is Integer Execution Unit part of ALU? or is IEU ALU?

The other parts are registers (I'm fairly certain about that one), but with newer CPUs, how are control sections and data bus organized?

Basically, if either somebody can post or link a simple, maybe even graphical list of basic CPU components, that'd be absolutely marvelous:)
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  1. try the <A HREF="http://www.sandpile.org/" target="_new">sandpile.org</A>

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  2. In the most basic of basic processors, and according to the Von Neumann Architecture, all processor composes of the Arithmetic/logic unit (ALU), and Memory (cache). The processor also has a reference to the Control Unit--where the Fetch, Execute, and Decode commands are processed.

    For more information, just go to your favorite Search Engine and look for <i>The Von Neumann Architecture</i>.

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