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I've recently had to use wintoflash to get win7 64bit onto my computer. I didn't have any spare money for an external or a 4 gig flash stick so I used my empty ssd as the flash drive. I got it running just fine but I cant boot from the hard drive ive installed it on. It needs to boot from my other even though its installed on my target drive. Once I install I try to set the boot for the drive I put it on and it tells me "NO BOOTMFG". If I remove the other hard drive completely it tells me install boot media or reboot and select bootable option. The only way I can get my Windows to work is if I set it to boot from the drive I wintoflashed to when Ive installed windows fully on a completely different hard drive. Also once my post gos through the dual boot screen comes up with "1. optiom-Win7 and 2. option Win7 Setup (ems enabled)" Once again that's only with boot set on the win7 install drive (d:) while o/s is installed on (C:). Can someone plz help me because I only have 2 sata cords and it would be kinda nice to use my rom drive to install my games and drivers lol. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. A look through windows disk manager
  2. Why use Wintoflash? Don't you have an installation disk?
  3. Herr_Koos said:
    Why use Wintoflash? Don't you have an installation disk?

    Disk manager shows no optical drive, which probably explains the installation method. Personally I would buy a cheap external DVD drive as it would be a useful thing to have in any case.
  4. OK, that explains it. Agreed then, an external DVD would be worth looking into.
  5. Herr_Koos said:
    Why use Wintoflash? Don't you have an installation disk?

    Yeah, I thought so lol....:( I was originally planning on waiting with this configuration till I could afford it but my 80gb is getting close to full and I was hoping I could clear the 40gb and reformat it so I could start using it. Its cool though I've got more then enough to play around with till then but yo always want more...right lol. Were all still just kids playing in the sandbox:) Thanks anyways guy.
  6. Figured it out. Formatting the drive isn't enough. You must destroy the volume, recreate unformatted. DO NOT FORMAT after partition creation. Install to unallocated partition and let windows 7 take care of the formating. The reason for my situation was that I formatted c: drive manually with windows 7 and it marked it as a primary disk and not as a system disk. Since wintoflash formatted the installation drive as a system disk and win7 formatted as a primary disk my computer was doing the best it could do I guess lol. Still dont understand how exactly it was doing it but it works fine now off of 1 hard drive.
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