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CPU Temperature?

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June 24, 2001 4:41:18 AM

Hi. Can any of you guys tell me the average temperature a non- overclocked 1 gig tbird should run at? Mine runs from 54 C to 61 C.

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June 24, 2001 5:35:00 AM

just in general, it should be around 50*c.

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June 24, 2001 8:02:42 AM

its a bit on the higher side, try replacing the heatsink/an with a better one, say a coolermaster or alpha. must get it around 40.

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June 24, 2001 2:24:30 PM

slow down a second, find out what the guy has, whether he is using any kind of heat compound, what kind of case ventilation, etc.
if the case needs a fan a new HSF is a big waste of money.

Independant thought is good.
It won't hurt for long.
June 24, 2001 3:02:13 PM

those temps arent too bad... im thinking 54 at idle and 61 when under load? you should be idling somewhere in the low 40s and under load getting into the low-mid 50s with a decent heat-sink, fan and some good thermal compound, with the heat-sink installed well...

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June 24, 2001 3:12:15 PM

Well my cooling is pretty simple. A stock fan/heatsink w/ thermogrease on the processor ,a loud fan on the powersupply and exhaust fan . The other day a freak incident occured which made me think about upgrading the fan. The cpu reached 220 degrees F so I quickly unplugged it and let it cool down.The heatsink was so hot I could not even touch it. I plugged it back in and everything worked fine, along with the fan. I dont know what the hell happened. Any ideas?

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