Asus G72GX Wont Boot

Hey all,

I hope the right eyes find this, I have the BB G72GX laptop and have had it just over a year (go figure warranties up) and now it starts up for all of 2 seconds and shuts down. A month ago when under heavy load (gaming) the system would randomly shut off. At first I thought it was an overheating issue, until I lurked a thread that mentioned that it may just be a power issue. So low and behold moving outlets and plugging it in solved the problem, that is up until today. Powers up for 2 seconds and shuts down yet again.

I tried hard resets and called asus tech support (arent they just a joy?) and to no avail. If there is anyone that has had a problem similar to this please let me know otherwise anyone need some RAM? :p
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  1. Have you tried powering it on with just the battery or just the A/C cable. What about trying a different power cable? It may be that your power cable/power brick has gone bad.

    Do any of the cooling fans kick in?

    Edit: I am interested in the RAM, if we cant get this system working for you.
  2. Snipergod87 said:
    Have you tried powering it on with just the battery or just the A/C cable. What about trying a different power cable? It may be that your power cable/power brick has gone bad.

    Do any of the cooling fans kick in?

    Edit: I am interested in the RAM, if we cant get this system working for you.

    Yes to both batt and only a/c, which is why I dont think its my brick (though it would be a nice alternative to...) but possible that my mobo fried. Last recorded temp for mobo was 90c or 190f. Fan kicks in right before system shuts down again

    Also if I now currently own a $1200 brick i'll pawn off the fan,cpu,cd drive,battery etc. if my mobo proves to be pwned :sweat:
  3. If that those temp reading are accurate that is extremely high, if it was at that temperature for more than a few seconds (depending on the component), than its highly likely something was fried, either the motherboard, CPU or GPU. Does stuff come up on the screen when it powers on, if so is it distorted at all?

    What you could try doing it opening the laptop removing the thermal paste from the heatsinks re apply it and reseat them while cleaning them out in the process it could be that a heatsink isnt making propercontact to one of the components causing it to overheat and shutdown which would only take a second or two.
  4. Yeah thats what I was afraid of, here is the last temp screen shot I got right before it finally died.

    The heatsink is a copper plate that directs heat flow to a heat sink & fan image below.

    Do you recommend I clean off both surfaces and try applying a new thermal paste or just clean it off and re-seat?
  5. Those temperatures in the pic arent that worrying. I assume thats with the computer idling? The graphics card is going to run naturally on the warmer side.

    You would clean off both surfaces (heatsink and CPU/GPU) using some isoproponal alcohol, apply a little thermal paste and reseat them, check that there isnt any hair or link in the vents. Taking apart a computer is alot of work given the temps im not sure if reseating will help, but its worth a try.

    When you power on the machine do you get anything on the display?

    Edot: I didnt see the 90 degree max temp that is very worrying, I dont know where that temperature zone is.
  6. This was while multi tasking, I was playing Shogun 2 and it was during games that it would do this so I pulled up CPUID to monitor my temps, my gpu would sometimes get up to 175-180f which is when i'd start to bail out on my game. No nothing occurs on screen during boot, though my HD is good since I pulled it and popped it in my wifes computer.

    I'll grab some thermal paste this weekend and give it a shot, thanks for the help so far.

    heres is the temp I was mentioning while under load
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    Yeah I am not sure where that sensor is or where Temp Zone Z00 but looking around led me to this
    The TZ00 should lie close to the processor, that's what I was saying, and also saying that in yours it is running too hot undoubtedly.

    The TZ00 is the northbridge. That's what it is, that's all it is. It can also be defined as the chipset, but it's not the entire chipset.

    From here His TZ00 was hitting 103c and his cores in the 90's.

    Since this happened during games under heavy load it seems like a general hardware failure due to heat is the problem, running anything including the north bridge at temperatures like that for extended peroids of time (gaming) will decrease its lifespan pretty fast.

    This is what I would:
    1) Try new thermal paste and reseating the heatsinks
    2) Depending on how much you want to spend you could try getting a new motherboard.
    3) Cut your losses and part it out.

    Out of curosity is your RAM 2x3GB or 3x2GB?
  8. Makes sense when I pulled off the heat sink it looks as though it was pure metal to metal contact with a little (and I mean scarse) thermal paste. So if anything like I said I'll try and try applying new paste, That and I'm having my wife pull it into geek squad to one of her classmates to look at it.

    Ram is 3x2gb ddr2
  9. It doesnt take too much thermal paste there should be youtube video guides about applying thermal paste. Let us know how it all works out.
  10. Yup mobo is fried so i'm parting out and posting on amazon =]
  11. I cant help but wonder what parts are good and what are bad now that I know this. I got the cpu,fan,monitor,pci express card, HD and mount etc out and am ready to sell it all just dont know whats good and not.
  12. It can be hard to tell whats still good or what not, when motherboards get fried it can take out components with them, I would imgaine that most if nto all those compoents would be good. I'm going to send you a PM, as I am a little interested on some of the parts.
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